‘The only limit is your imagination’

A Spanish Painter, with a distinct personality who above all else, is a perfectionist with a constant desire to better himself. He is always surrounded by images and his work shows a combination of his tastes in decoration, photography, cinema, music and architecture.

Despite his professional life taking him in many different directions, his passion for cultivating his senses since childhood sowed the seed for his true love; painting.

As a completely self-taught artist with a hectic professional life, he can only work on his art in his free time. He works hard in the little time he has but the gratification of seeing a finished piece of work makes it worthwhile giving him pleasure and enjoyment which can now be shared with the general public.

For the artist it is still a means of self-expression, escape, stimulation and creativity.

His technique: acrylic on canvas; flat colour; hand painted; inspired by images seen in the press and by those captured through the lenses of his own camera (used as an additional part of the creative process), results in apparently simple shapes on a large scale, visually and emotionally impacting, inferring more than the eye can see, converting the observer of the painting into an accomplice. The outcome is a collection of engaging and comprehensive artworks for all kinds of public.

His work, heavily influenced by pop art, comic and abstraction is a true reflection of his most intimate self. It flows between two parallels: one being colours and the other being the lack thereof, all which is enveloped in his own personal perspective.

Colour combination, as an element of design and decoration, guides his hand.

This work brings together light and beauty, filling not only physical, but also emotional spaces, aiming to produce a feeling of well-being from the work itself and from the atmosphere it creates.